Sometimes, I wonder if you would be interested in the way I develop some of my floral designs. This particular vase is the easiest ones to do and lots of fun because you can change it almost effortlessly for the different seasons. The vase has been my best selling item in the store. It makes everyone feel like a designer. So if you’re interested, here goes:

First,  you start with the vase. Sometimes, especially in the springtime I put dried peas in the bottom of the vase, just to give it a little more color and “pop”. Only about 2 to 3 inches deep.

Next, I put pine in this one, and then added a little bit of greenery as you will see in the finished product. The different textures and colors of the elements add a lot more interest to the developing project.

Add the flowers, but remember, don’t put too many in it as you don’t want to overpower the vase and not have room for all the other great elements you want to add.


I then took a bush of feathers and inserted them in the vase and then arranged them.

Then I added the light branches and arranged their lovely branches in the vase. We’re getting some great new ones in that are battery operated. They have little white apple blossoms on them. They’ll be great in these vases.

Yaaay! It’s almost done. The whole time I was working on it, I wanted to put a bow in it. But there was no room for a bow. I WANT A BOW ON THIS PROJECT. Then I remembered something I had seen at market. A bow painted on the wall behind a floral. Well, not being afraid to try something a “little out there” I set out to paint a bow on my wall. It was really fun, and I really liked it because it was so unusual. But, I do have to keep reminding my self. It is paint on my wall, not a tattoo. I can change it when I get a lot of criticism, if I want to. But right now, I am enjoying it.

And at night–It’s kind of romantic. (Smile)

Hope you’ll come and see the vases all decorated for spring at our first event of the new year.

March 28–10 to 6
March 29 10 to 6
March 30, 10 to 5
March 31, 10 to 3

Notice we added an extra day, so if you want to go home and bring some more friends out the next day, you’ll have time to do that.

I can’t wait to see you again.

– Debbie

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