The Online Holiday Mantel Course is Now Available!

We’ve been working on this online course for you for months and we are so excited to let you know that it is finally available for purchase!

Now YOU can be the designer and create a beautiful designer mantel that will wow your family and guests and warm their hearts as well.

It’s a fraction of the cost…

This is available to you at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a designer to do it for you! Plus you’ll be able to use the principles of design taught in other areas of your home as well.

Watch the video above for all the details and here are a few more in case you need them:

Two purchase options:

1. Option 1 – Online Course + Elements Kit

Your holiday mantel and decor will only be as beautiful as the individual elements. So it’s important to have high quality elements. The elements that I use when I decorate are impossible to get at places like Hobby Lobby. So if you want your decor to look like a million dollars, you’ll probably want to purchase this kit of high quality elements.

If you purchase this option, we basically give you the online course for free!

What’s included in Option 1 – The Course + Elements Kit:

  • Online Holiday Mantel course is Available - by Debbie Futhey Memories of HomeThe entire online video course
  • (2)  5’ Pine Garland
  • (2) 35” Eucalyptus Sprays
  • (2) Magnolia Stems
  • (4) glitter ball /beaded/jewel stripe ornament
  • (4) spike grass spray
  • (4) 28” glitter Metallic Magnolia Leaf Spray
  • (4) different kinds of ribbon (if buying your own it is preferable that it is wired)

The only other additional supplies you need are easy to find:

  • Command hooks
  • Rubbing alcohol. 
  • 24 gauge floral wire
  • Scissors
  • 1 strand of 100 lights with green cord, warm white color
  • Floral wire or zip ties
  • Clear packing tape (optional)
  • Wire cutters

Bonuses for Option 1:

Online Holiday Mantel course is Available - by Debbie Futhey Memories of HomeIn addition to the sale price (basically you get the course for free if you purchase the kit), we have several bonuses for those of you who purchase by November 9th

  • The Bow-making jig
    My husband Joe will create the bow making jig for you, so you won’t need to make that at all! We’ll included it in the shipment!
  • The course will have a few tips on how to make the mantel last through the winter season, so you don’t have to worry about taking it down after Christmas!

So if you know you want all the elements and the course and are ready to do, just click the button below and you’ll go straight to your cart. Then, just checkout and we’ll get your elements shipped to you as soon as possible. Plus you’ll get access to the course within seconds of placing your order!

You can also see more information and pictures on our product page!

Option 1: Online Course + Elements Kit
$348  $259 SALE through November 9 (or until supplies run out!)

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Option 2: Online Course only
$89  $79 SALE through November 9
If you know you can get high quality elements elsewhere or just want to learn how to decorate in this way, then the online course is just what you need.

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Do you have any questions?

If you need more information or want to see more pictures, visit the full Holiday Mantel Product Page. Plus, I’m happy to help answer any questions you have! Just email me and I’ll answer them very soon!

We only have a limited number of kits, so be sure to get it soon!