Happy New Year, dear friends! I hope you and your family enjoyed your holiday season as much as we did.
It’s a new year, a time for new perspectives. What better place to get a new “outlook” for 2015 than from your windows? Since the cold weather keeps us inside, we are more often looking out from them. Why not make them beautiful to look at, not just look through?
This homeowner new she was in need of a change of scenery when it came to this area of her home. She had kept much of what the previous owner left behind. It was a little overwhelming at first, because there was so much she needed to change.
Together, we made a plan to start with stripping the wallpaper and then painting a subtle, calming color. She put in a lot of elbow grease to accomplish this, but knew it would well be worth it.
Then, I created window treatments and fabric blinds to give her a simplified, uncluttered look. We worked hard to use colors and design to tie together this room with the others visible from this area. I believe we accomplished a great new perspective, what do you think? DSCN2580