Hi, Girls.

We learn so much from our lovely customers. And this charming woman is no exception. I told you how we love making new friends and so many of you invited your friends to our Mother’s Day Event. It was great and this lovely woman shared a story about her husband that I felt was worth sharing with all of you.


Several years ago, they were moving their belongings from Hutchinson to Wichita. And all of us, who have ever moved, knows what a bittersweet time it is. As you take your last walk through the house, before closing the door to a chapter of your life and opening new one, it’s just hard to find the words to say about the emotions you are experiencing at that time. But, her husband, who had never seemed to participate in the decorating process, stood in the empty room and looked around, seemingly ready to offer the parting words as they shut the door and said goodbye to their formerly lovely home.

Nothing was there. Only the carpets, curtains and blemishes remained. And with each blemish, was a memory of many happy times and gatherings with family and friends. Only the memories of a life well lived and the anticipation of a new life some where else were with him. As the memories flooded his mind he made a profound statement, that she’s never forgotten. “Well,” he said. “We’ve taken the “home” out of the house. It’s O.K. to leave now.”

Isn’t it funny, how we think that our efforts of making our house a home are seemingly never noticed? And then when least expected, the innermost thoughts of our deepest being comes to the light. How sweet that she experienced the joy of the thought coming from him. The empty house was just a house now. But I am sure that he was confident, that she would make their next dwelling a “home.”

Her husband has since passed. But what a special thought from him that keeps him, and I am sure all of his profound thoughts “alive”. I am sure he had no idea how significant what he said was going to be to her. So significant, that she would remember it the rest of her life.


And speaking of keeping a memory alive, I remember how all of you love a sale. (Smile) April, of The Added Touch, and I are inviting you to our annual “Secret Sale.” Twenty-five percent off of the whole store. (25%) In other words, everything in the store will be 25% off. Now is that clear? We will take the 25 per-cent off of your whole ticket when you check out. This is our way of telling you thank you for your loyalty to our businesses. And don’t forget, everything is 25% off. (They say you have to tell someone something 5 times in order for them to remember it.)

Secret Sale
Friday, June 13, 10 to 5
Saturday, June 14, 10 to 3

Hope to see many, many of you.