Hello, everyone!

Well, this is moving weekend to the new barn and I already have unpacked some of the new furniture and accents that we are going to be showing at the “Grand Opening” beginning March 25 – 29th.  Now if I tell you I am excited, you would say to yourself, “She says that every time!”  And you know what?  You would be right.  I do look forward to each event.  Especially since I have new items added each and every event.

Every time I unpack something, I think, “So and so is going to love this.”  Or, “This looks so much like YOU!”   The lamp in the picture is so beautiful.  These are high-end quality and I think you’re going to love them.

photo 1

All of these pictures are from a vendor that you will see represented in some higher-end stores.  They are so beautiful and not something that you will find in your big box stores.  I loved them all, or I would not have bought them.

photo 5

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

But don’t worry, we have something for everyone.  While I did purchase some higher-end merchandise at market, I still have the great products that will make your home “pop” with color and excitement.  I will always have those products that can make a huge difference in your home, at affordable prices.

And of course, don’t forget, I have a ton of floral arrangements for Spring and April, of The Added Touch, will be showcasing new pillow trends and some of her fabulous window treatments.

I can’t show you pictures of the new shop yet, because right now—well, you would think I’ll never make having it ready for our event.  But we will.  This weekend we plan on moving lots of items to the new shop.

And of course, you are all invited to the new place beginning March 25 – 29.  And next week, I’ll show you some pictures of some chairs we’ve just reupholstered.  I LOVE THEM!!  I know.  I use that phrase way too often.

Will touch base with you all next week!

~ Debbie