Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home

Christmas Event
October 22-26

Happy Fall, Y’all.

I know it doesn’t sound like me, but ’tis the season and I’m loving it. I’m not sure what makes me almost giddy about the season, but I think it is how much I’m enjoying having my grandkids do the work of my little elves. (My imaginary friends that come to life) Did any of you have imaginary friends come to life? These are the best.

As the years start to pile on, I find that I’m needing some help so I’ve hired some of the greatest workers in the world. Of course, my husband slaves away as usual, but I never imagined how awesome my grandkids were going to be in working for me. I asked my husband after they left the workshop on Saturday if he wished he could get as much work out of his men at work as I do out of my employees/elves/grandkids. No answer from him–just a sweet smile and a look of pride on how well our kiddos work together.

My grandson built a wooden Christmas tree for me and I decorated it. If it doesn’t sell in Arkansas, you’ll see it here at the shop. And the fun part of it is my husband got to work with him building memories together.

And isn’t that what life is about? Building memories that will last a lifetime. Some good, some, not so much. In all, they have made us what we are today and the way God shapes our lives.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you all during our Christmas Event October 22 – 26. I can’t wait to build memories together that will last a lifetime.


Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home