Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home

Our first Autumn Open House has come and gone and boy did we have a great attendance for that one. As always, we are so thankful for each of you who have helped make this business what it is. We enjoy working with so many of you to help you get the “wow” factor in your home that you so desire.

Want to see what some of our “best sellers” were?………………

Just to let you see some of the best sellers were, one of the best selling pieces of clothing were, this Olive Kimono and tan top. We have very few of these left, but even a small in one of these could fit most women. It will be so versatile this season.

The leopard bootie and the snakeskin sneakers were another sought after item. The funny thing about shoes is that I had no idea how quickly the size 10 shoes would sell. Never fear–we have some of them in the sneaker and bootie to carry us through the season.

And of course, Autumn wreaths flew out the door. What I love so much about wreaths is all the places you can stage them. This one must happens to be hanging from the edge of the bookcase. I love to use them as a centerpiece and put a flameless candle in the center of them. What could be more calming?

And of course, Sunflowers! Almost everyone in Kansas loves sunflowers on everything! Even purses.

We’re off to Hillsboro this weekend! Hope to see you there. And by the way, don’t forget our mini Autumn Open house September 26 – 28. We’ll be giving you a Christmas preview, but we’ll still be showing lots of fall. We want to make use of every Autumn minute we can before we start the whole Christmas season.

So mark your calendars for the Mini-Autumn Open House Event here in the barn. Maybe it will be cool enough to bring out the hot cider. And really, it doesn’t have to be cool enough for it. We’ll bring it out no what the weather is here in Kansas.



Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home