Well, the unofficial end of summer (Labor Day) has come and gone. The rule of “No white after Labor Day” has come and gone, also. But sometimes it is still hard to know what to wear during the transition of seasons. Well, you don’t have to sweat it, we have all kinds of choices available during our two Autumn Open Houses this month. Yes! I did say “two.”

That’s right-September 10-14, Tuesday-Saturday is our first event. The second is at the end of the month, September 26-28, Thursday-Saturday. (We are praying there are no road closings on those dates.) Stay tuned into these emails, our website, and Facebook for updates.

Back to fall fashion–Animal prints are EVERYWHERE. (Remember the shoes Debbie is bringing in?) It’s not just leopard print, either. Snake skin prints are hot, too.

Kimonos are still a a big trend, and the colorful ones give you lots of versatility when layering.

I’m excited to also be offering some new “linen-look” styles that are classy and comfortable, but don’t need a lot of ironing. These are great seasonal transition pieces.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Remember, there’s two Autumn Open Houses with new items each time.