Last week I was able to take a quick trip to The Great Smoky Mountains. It was a great trip connecting with family. One of the simple pleasures that I really enjoyed was the cooler weather and seeing the leaves start to change colors. I feel like those two things are the start to two of my favorite seasons…..

Of course, there’s the first favorite season coming – the holidays! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Then there’s the second favorite season-sweater weather. Yes, that’s a “season” in my opinion. And, of course, that’s what we have going on in the store during our Christmas Open House, October 22-26.

Classy or Fun-no matter your style, we have great new Christmas items ready to put you in the holiday mood.

I have some cozy, colorful, and cute sweaters to share with you also.

Cozy-like a poncho wrapped around you. (and fun-with polka dots)

Colorful-like the embroidery on this sleeve.

Cute-like this ruffled sweater.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of the new items for the new season.

See you next week at our Christmas Open House!

– -April