Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home

Just the thought of the spring months coming makes me breathe so much better. I hate driving in the snow but love the look of it! It gets water all over my garage when it melts makes me crazy. So as my hopes are that we’ll start seeing signs of spring in the next few weeks, I realize I need to update you on the changes you’ll be seeing here at Memories of Home.

So here’s the big changes that are coming to the business:

  • #1 is you may have to take a small detour to get to the shop. The county has started working on the intersection of 150th and Butler Road. However, they have not closed the intersection yet. Don’t worry! The roads are all paved that you will be rerouted down. We’ll update you with a map of the different ways in which you’ll be able to get to us. It will be an adventure for you to see some new scenery and all the countryside.
  • #2 is that we are going to stay open late one night during each of our events. Thursdays seem to be a popular day for shops to stay open late. We’ll be open until 6 pm on Thursdays. I hope this helps all of you who can’t make it out before the shop closes on the other nights of the week.
  • #3 are some small changes to our rewards cards. You all have loved the rewards that you have been able to use and we love that you are using them. We are going to ask that you use only two at a time. So for instance, you could spend your $40 in gift cards and return in the next day and spend another 2 or $40 in gift cards. No worries, though, your cards do not expire so the ones from last year are still good this year.

The shop is coming right along as far as being staged and ready for the event at the end of March. So mark your calendars for March 24 – 28. As always, looking forward to decorating with style and class no matter the trend you love.


Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home