These beautiful weather weekends we have been having sure put me in the mood for spring, How about you? Have you had the opportunity to soak in the sunshine?It’s this time of year, when the day to day temperatures fluctuate so much, that a little quirk of my kicks in. It is triggered by two things: a small closet that will only hold one season of clothing at a time, and my slight love for variety in my wardrobe.

Like most people, I look at the weather forecast regularly and base my outfit for the day on the proposed temperature. My quirk takes over, though, when I start saying to myself, “There’s only a few more days of winter left, surely there’s something you should wear again before you pack it away for the winter?” Are there any sweaters that feel neglected because you only wore them once? Do those pants need you to show them a little love and pair them with a cute blouse before they get packed away?” Yes, I admit, I do actual think that way….

But as soon as I start bringing the new clothing into the store, I get excited and that quirk gets pushed aside. New styles are arriving continuously. so now I start thinking about ways I can transition my wardrobe to warmer days. Of course, there’s the easy put a cardigan over a sleeveless floral blouse, or throw on a kimono or vest. A similar scenario would be to change from wearing black pants to wearing white, pink, or even yellow. (I just love a black and white top with yellow or red pants! And I have plenty of new black and white items in stock)

I do have a few key pieces of clothing that stay in my closet year round and don’t get packed away. One of those is a special white blouse. This new one in the store could be worn with classic black pants and pearls, or with distressed jeans and some fun tennis shoes. (Don’t ever limit yourself to just one white blouse or one pair of white jeans-they are classic and will go anywhere and with everything)

Three quarter sleeves are also something I keep out year round. I’m anxious to add this cute one to my closet! *Sigh* I need to get back to staging the shop instead of dreaming about my new spring wardrobe, though. Work, then play, right??

In just a few weeks, we will have the shop ready for you to come experience Springtime on Prairie Creek-rain or shine. Please join us March 24-28.