Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home

Our First Spring Event of the Spring Season
March 24-28

Spring will officially be here next week. I can hardly believe it’s here already. I just saw some crocus stems peeking through the soil and knew we’re almost there. But if you could see the shop it would make a real believer out of you. The brilliant colors are all over the place, but it seems the yellows are what are popping out to me. To me, my happy color, has always been yellow. And this season is no different.

This little niche is definitely our sunshine corner. I fell in love with this dress the minute I laid eyes on it. And the yellows April of The Added Touch has paired with it just complete the whole look. I definitely would have to get some wonderful yellow sandals to go with it. (Any excuse to go shoe shopping.)

Something I’m seeing a lot of this year is the high/low hemlines. What I love about it is it covers the veins in the back of my legs. Now, I know you younger girls don’t have those monumental worries like I do, but I do think of that every time I go without hose. I know I’ll get a lot of “boo’s” about this next statement. But, I wish they’d bring hose back. It was a lot easier for me to wear a dress. I know, Debbie, “Get over it.” But, somehow those veins just drive me crazy when I have to look at them on my legs.

Enough about veins–I love the look of this ensemble. So springy, yet it can take you all the way through the summer months. Both of the ensembles mentioned have the high/low hemlines. I love the purchases April made for the coming season. I can’t wait for you to see them.

And speaking of purchases, here’s a look at one of the signs that came in. I get annoyed when there’s too many word signs in a room. But this one whispers I’m in my happy place when I see those words. A place I can be comfortable and safe. How about you? The added floral just completes the look. So on those “hot, humid summer days” I’ve brought the outdoors in and can enjoy them in my air-conditioned space.

And look what’s hiding in the floral. I wonder if I’ll have baby birds flying through my shop in a few weeks?

And the bunnies just keep on coming!

Can’t wait to welcome you to our Spring Event March 24-28!



Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home