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April and I are just returning from a wonderful, yet exhausting week at market. I must say, when we arrived everything seemed to look the same for a while. But, as always happens, the minute we starting buying products, those creative juices started flowing and in the evening, when we returned to our hotel room, I just couldn’t sleep, I had so many ideas running through my head. That’s the way it is at market. Trouble is—unless you write it down, you forget those ideas!

Guess what the most predominant color was while we were there?

The most predominant color we saw while we were there was… as some call it, Emerald green. But to us, it seemed like a throw-back to the 90’s calling it Hunter Green. Yep, we saw lots of burgundy coming back on the scene. And yes, lots of blues. All different colors of blues.

Lots of furniture that used to be painted all one color, is giving way to painted furniture with natural wood look combined with it.

I read an article about kitchen cabinets the other day, which combined the all white kitchen with a pop of color on islands or separate cabinetry in the kitchen. I think everyone is screaming for a little color in their homes now. Some grays were seen, but paired with lots of bright, saturated colors. I like to think of them as “happy colors.”

Of course, the vintage look is still “in”, but it is more refined and a little more minimalist looking.

We’re starting get products in for the spring. And can I say, I’m welcoming those bright “happy colors” into our decorating here in the shop. As always, I look forward to hosting our first spring event in March.

Mark your calendars for March 24-28. I know it seems like a long time away, but it will be here before you know it! In the meantime, enjoy the winter months by spending time with friends, reading a good book, and looking forward to decorating.


Debbie from Memories of Home - Unique home decor