It’s finally here – your favorite event of the year! Our annual warehouse sale starts this week, running Thursday-Saturday. Recently, a new customer of ours asked me, “So, what’s this warehouse sale all about?” Well, I tell you…

Debbie and I have a passion for keeping things new and fresh. Because of that, we like to clean out, clean up, and move things along. (Little known fact, but I get a weird thrill every week on trash day in our neighborhood. I just love clearing the “old” out of my house.)

So, every year we clean things out of the store, the closets, the back rooms, etc. While doing this, we often find special treasures that have been forgotten, misplaced, and sometimes never even unpacked from the boxes they were shipped in. There are always items that have been great sellers until there’s only one of them left. They get overlooked at that point. This happens a lot with clothing. So, items like these all go into the warehouse sale.

This is also the time of year when we move out some of our unfinished projects, and the items we bought to finish them with. If you’re a creative person, these things are “gold” to you. And, yes, there are always Christmas items in our sale.

And if you’re thinking, “Where do they put all this stuff for the sale?”  I’ll tell you.

If you know our location, you remember there are 2 red barns side by side. Well, the first one you come to (the generic “man barn”) is the warehouse. This has been many things in the past, including our old store. However, Joe (the “man”) graciously cleans it up for us once a year, so that we can have the sale inside it. The entrance is a solid white door and we’ll put an entrance sign on it for you. So, come on in. We may even utilize the sidewalk outside to display on.

Then, the “pretty” red barn, with the french doors and windows, is our store. Of course, we will have it open, too. We have some wonderful treasures in there, as well. New items have just arrived and we’ll be letting you preview those. (New clothing has come in, as well) So, don’t forget to visit both barns.

One last detail- items in the warehouse sale will be 50% off of their lowest marked price. We don’t have time to write the sale price on every item, so we just total your bill and then take 50% off at the bottom line. Keep that in mind when you are shopping. All sales will be final. Reward cards are not stamped or redeemed in the warehouse sale. However, anything full-priced in the store is available for a rewards stamp.

Oh, by the way, we open at 9 AM on the day of the event, no early birds, stay out of the heat please! So, get yourselves ready, and we’ll see you soon!

(If you’re still thinking about doing the angel paint class, deadline for sign up is July 26th.)

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