Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home


It’s off we go into the summer months. I’m so excited about all the great get togethers we’ll all be having. It’s a great time just to reconnect with so many friends and families and enjoy all the freedoms that this country has afforded us.

So that’s why we have our Patriotic Event as well as to prepare us for all the fourth of July celebrations. So mark your calendars for June 13-15. We’ll have lots of surprises for you!

So here’s a fun surprise that doesn’t happen often. It has been requested that I teach a class. So here’s the details about the class on how to create and paint this fun angel.

Our patriotic event is Thursday – Saturday. But, on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. as we close the store for the day we will begin our Angel Painting class. As promised, this will be a no-judgment zone. Your work will be beautiful, I promise! I’ll teach you how to prepare the canvas board and to make a beautiful background for your painting.

Then we’ll start on the angel, and boy will that be fun. You’ll see how to bring that angel to life as well as to make it a masterpiece that only you can create. All for the cost of $45. I will supply everything except your paint brushes.

So if you want to only have a class, come. But if you want to make it into a party….bring a snack. You’ll make new friends especially if you bring lots of fun people with you. This class will be for fun people (and I know you are all fun people) who just want to learn a new skill.

Registration will begin this week. Click HERE for it. So talk to your friends and family members and sign them up to. I can’t wait to do this with you all!

Patriotic Event June 13 – 15
Angel Painting Class Begins at 3:00 on Saturday, June 15


Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home