Our Patriotic event starts this week, and new clothing has just arrived. New “stars and stripes” inspired tops will show off your USA pride and keep the spirit alive all through summer (and beyond, I hope). However, if you’re not a fan of themed clothing, there are also “loosely inspired” patriotic choices in store for you.

What I call “loosely inspired” is something like these two shown here. They still have the chosen colors of red, white, and blue but aren’t shouting stars and stripes.
They would be perfect for any day of the week, but maybe on a specific holiday just add the missing color of our nation’s chosen color palette.

But never fear, I have also brought in some new great pieces that have none of that color palette. I am in love with these two newest tops, and am happy to share that they come in sizes S-2X!

I’m hoping to see you this week. Grab a friend and come share your spirit with us.