Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder, our Patriotic Event is next week. June 13 – 15.

I guess summer is the time for learning new skills. At least it is for me. I’ve already started out the summer with a private teaching session on staining and finishing furniture. There has always been something inside of me that loves to teach skills I’ve learned over the years.

Take a look at my private class……….

This was a piece of furniture that I bought at an estate sale. I paid way to much for it, but thought it had potential. I’ve probably had it 5 years and just “gave up” on it. No potential there as it said it my warehouse, I thought.

This lovely lady is wanting to redo the top of her kitchen table but did not have the confidence to just dive in and do it. (One thing about me–I just dive into things without thinking it through. Just ask my husband.) If I run into problems, it just gives me another chance to come up with a creative solution.

So I thought, this will be the perfect piece to have someone practice on. However, as we started working on it, I started to see the potential that I had first seen when I laid eyes on it. O.K. so as we get into it, I start to get worried about messing it up. No worries, though. That’s the beauty of this stain. If there’s a mess up, after it dries, you go back over it and do it until you get it right.

So after we take it to a certain point, my creative juices start to flow and I’m thinking I want to do the back of the desk/cabinet in a contrasting color. Now take into consideration, that if this were going to be for me, I would probably use a beautiful piece of fabric for the back. But keep in mind, I have to do what I think a large percentage of customers could use in their home.

So what do you think I’m going to do the back of the cabinet like? Stay tuned in the weeks to come and I’ll show you.

And don’t forget about the last few days for sign up for the angel painting class is coming very soon. So if you want to do it, you need to sign up so that I can gather enough supplies for all of you lovely people.

Have a blessed week!