Well, hello everyone.  It is almost upon us.  The time to open the new shop.

photo 3

We are almost all stocked and ready for all of you to visit.  It is so “Springy”, I can hardly believe that today, as I am writing this blog, the temperature has hardly risen above 40 degrees.  Not matter the temperature outside, the inside screams SPRING!!!

photo 1

photo 2

This little guy awaits to be included in all your spring and summer decorating.  He’s carrying a bouquet of freshly picked flowers behind his back.  No doubt, he wants to share them with you.  And the eggs–they were so beautiful.  I’d use them all season long.  They so reminded me of when I was a young girl–there was an older woman in our church who made the most beautiful Sugar eggs.  Do you remember those?  I remember one spring she gave one to one of my sisters, whom she always favored.  Oh, how I wanted one.  Why?  I don’t know.  They were just so pretty and I so wanted one for my bedroom.  Well, here they are and I am enjoying them so much more now, than I ever would of at 10 years old.  Not because it is something I need.  No, it is something that makes me smile and reminds me of my being so blessed to have enjoyed so many lovely things in my childhood~~ even if they didn’t belong to me.

Well, enough of the nostalgia.  I’d love to invite you to enjoy our new shop.  We have so many wonderful items, I can’t even begin to mention them all.  Plus, I’ve purchased lots of picks and forsythia branches for you to bring the season into your home.  It’s time, don’t you think to welcome spring!

Please join us at our new shop – right next to the old one – beginning Tuesday,  March 25, 10 to 6, Wednesday, March 26, 10 to 6, Thursday, March 27, 10 to 6,  Friday, March 28, 10 to 5, and Saturday, March 29, 10 to 3.  I can’t wait to welcome you!!!!