Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home
Happy Day to all of you!
April and I are back from market and we’ve hit the ground running in 2019.  This week I just wanted to share a very few pictures of the products we’ve got coming in for Spring and the coming months this year. This year I feel great about the purchases we made.


Lots of great new looks. There’s so much blue out there, so be prepared to see a lot of different shades of blue this spring and summer. It pairs great with yellows and (I know some of you are going to disagree with this) but it looks awesome with black.

We’re seeing it with lots of oranges also. Oh, and don’t forget about burgundy and gray. And of course there’s always blue and brown. Now did I leave any color out that goes with blue.  So are you ready to get on board? Maybe start with a small room and see how you’ll fall in love with it.

At this very moment we’re unpacking some shipments that we ordered. They almost beat us home. We are pumped for our spring event in March. Mark you calendars for March 26 – 30. I’ll be sharing lots of pictures with you in the coming days. And if you haven’t already done so, “Like” us on Facebook and keep right up to the minute with new finds.

And by the way, the t-shirt picture with me in it, April didn’t order. I just thought it said the way I feel at 9 o’clock in the evening.  (Sometimes, even in the morning:)

Just reviewing the pictures gets me excited about getting the shop ready.  Hope we see you! Please share us with your friends. We always like to meet all of the delightful souls you pal around with