Hello, everyone!!

I told you it would happen–the Forsythia bushes are blooming and it’s a sure promise that Spring is definitely here.  Next week is the week before Easter and all of us our planning our holiday get together and plans for welcoming the new season into our homes.

Well, you guys, we could have never imagined the wonderful response to our Grand Opening!!!!!  Thank you so much.  We have LOTS of new products in for this event and I am well on my way to having made 75 floral arrangements.  (Barring nothing happens this week to impede the progress.)

photo 1

I was in the Ladies’ Room the other day at a well-known store, and I heard someone say, “Have you got your 75 arrangements done?”  To my delight, it was one of my wonderful customers.  She had read in my last email, that 75 arrangements was my goal for this upcoming event.

And by the way, you all loved the high-quality floral stems that we had.  And for this event, I ordered lots more, and even some different ones.

photo 2

All so beautiful and real looking, that you’ll think they need to be put in a vase full of water.

photo 1


Plus, I am getting more and different frames in that you all loved sooooo much!

And just to add a little more excitement to this event, we are having an Easter Egg Hunt for all you “children at heart.”  Please do not misunderstand, this is not a hunt for the children; it is a hunt for “big girls” like me and you.  It’s been so long since I’ve hunted for an Easter egg, that we thought it would be fun for us to celebrate just like our children and grandchildren.  And to add to the suspense, in each egg will be a valuable coupon plus something sweet to eat.

The event starts on Tuesday, April 15 and goes through Saturday, April 19.  We would love to see all of you!

Tuesday, April 15, 10 to 6
Wednesday, April 16, 10 to 6
Thursday, April 17, 10 to  6
Friday, April 18, 10 to 5
Saturday, April 19, 10 to 3

– Debbie