Hello Everyone!

Recently, my cut flower garden began blooming profusely. The garden is in a place where I’m not able to look out and see the blooms, so I often bring them indoors to enjoy. One of my favorite vases is this one from our store. It’s a series of glass bottles connected together by a hinged metal framework. I like that it is hinged, so that I have the option to set it straight or with a curve.

To see how I filled the vase, view below.

I had a lot of options of flowers and greenery, so I just started cutting a bunch of pieces. Honestly, I really didn’t put a lot of thought into how I was arranging the flowers, except to keep the warmer colors together and the cooler ones separate. My vase is a series of 5 bottles, and I opted to just fill the two outside and one center vase. This worked well, since the flowers and greens draped over the edges and would have “squished” anything in the two inside bottles. Of course, a simpler look would be to put a single stem in each vase.

Then, since I still had a bunch of cut zinnias left, I put them all in this vase which we had in the store earlier this spring. (I believe they are all sold out now, though.) It has a lid with holes in the top for the stems. The lid is called a “flower frog” but it seems like nobody knows that term anymore, so I hesitated to use it. I set it on my kitchen counter and was amazed at how great it looked in this little vignette that I already had going.

So, what have you been doing this summer? I’m hoping your future plans include a visit out to our shop. You do have your calendars marked for our annual Warehouse Sale, don’t you?

We hope to see you then-July 26-28th! In the meantime, check out our Facebook page for lots of behind the scenes.