Well, it’s been a winter, hasn’t it? A cold and dreary winter IMO (that’s “In My Opinion”, in case you wondered). If there’s not going to be a picturesque softly falling snow, then I’m ready for spring. Anyone agree? I don’t mean to be a Negative Nelly. There have been a few bright spots in my winter.

This little guy has been one of them….

Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! His name is Moby, and he’s my GrandDog. (Which means that he’s actually my son’s dog) This little guy came into our lives at the beginning of January. He’s smart, loving, and full of energy-as all puppies are. He’s a cuddly little thing which is really nice this time of year. We just love it when he comes to visit.

Another one of my bright spots was our trip to Market. Debbie and I have such a good time “shopping” together. We found wonderful things to bring back home for you. You will be able to see many of these at our Spring Open House.

We weren’t able to bring home the Florist Truck, but I had to have a picture of Debbie alongside it. She is my favorite florist, after all.

The final bright spot in my winter is all the new spring clothing that I have arriving. I am so anxious to share them with you that I bundled myself up this week, and took a few samples and a mannequin outside with me for a photo shoot. It was breezy and cold (24 degrees) but just sunny enough that I got a nice photo or two. These were a couple of my favorites.

I’m praying that some bright spots are headed your way soon. We are striving hard to make our Spring Open House, March 26-30, something to brighten your days ahead. Please mark your calendars and save the Facebook event.

We’ll see you soon!