Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, most of the time when I send you a newsletter I have something to say about decorating. It’s not my intent to make you feel that I am trying to sell you something or convince you that you need this or that or your life would not be complete.  Sometimes, I just want to share my life and the things that I am learning, non-decorating. You know, just about life.  Today is one of those days.

As the weather turns cooler, my mind takes me back to a brisk Autumn morning that I was taking the kids to the dentist.  You, know, one of those mundane tasks that has to be done and checked off the list.  The leaves were beautiful and my girls to this day, tease me about saying, “Oh, kids, look at the beautiful leaves.” I think I had just mentioned it to them when we came upon a bridge and I saw someone walk out from under the bridge. It was a woman. Her hair was disheveled and matted, her clothes were not adequate for the temperature we were experiencing, and she walked along the road as if she were frolicking on a beach. As I watched her in the rear view mirror, I thought to myself of how horrible it would be to have to spend the night outside, alone, with no blanket and not knowing whether there would be a next meal or when it would be. My thoughts wandered as I began to imagine what her life must be like.  The scene haunted me as we went to the dentist office and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.

We finished at the dentist office and I had to run to the grocery store.  I ran in and did what I needed to do, and as I came out I saw the manager of the store outside telling the woman I had seen to leave.  I believe she had coffee in her hand as the store had placed it there for customers to enjoy.  I am sure this woman had not gone in for groceries as she carried nothing with her nor did it look like she had anything such as a purse or anything else with her.   My thought was, “Can’t this store give her something to eat?” Surely they had some day old bread or something?  I know, to have someone like that around is uncomfortable for customers, but my thought was, can’t someone do something?  I even voiced that thought to my children.

As the morning wore on, we ran a few errands and along the road, we saw this carefree woman walking along the road.  She just kept coming back into our path. Her presence just couldn’t leave my mind and I just wanted to do something for her.

By noon we were ready for lunch and we turned into a fast food restaurant. We went in and I ordered our meals. We were busy eating our meal and one of the children needed a refill so I went up to take care of it. When right there, in a practically hidden booth sat this woman.  She was just sitting there.  And, the thought of “Why doesn’t someone do something for her,” returned to my mind again.  And why should I not be that someone?  I’m sure the reason she was sitting there was to get some food from the trash or people’s table that didn’t clean up after their meal. I had no idea what type of food she wanted, but I ordered her what I thought she would enjoy. I just knew I was to be the “someone” that day that “did something.”

As I gave the meal to her, she looked at me with the most mysterious look in her eyes. She looked as though she were a tiny puppy that had been beaten and did not want to come near it’s owner because of what she had done.  As she took the meal I told her that God loved her and I believe He had asked me to give it to her because of the love he had for her.

Her eyes stared at me in a way I will never forget. It was at that moment, that the thought came to me, “She’s someone’s daughter.” I hope that if my daughters need someone when I am not around that there will be a person that  wants to be that “someone” to help them.

My heart goes out to all of you women who are that “someone” who works at food banks, rescue missions, homeless shelters and all of those types of places.  Thank you for being that “someone.” We need more “someones” in this world and I am preaching to myself. I should be that “someone” more often than I am.  Maybe today is that day that I should be that “someone.”