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Well it’s Thanksgiving week and, if you’re like me, your’re really busy with grocery shopping, cleaning house, or maybe packing suitcases for a trip to someone else’s house (who is frantically cleaning and baking) or planning out your shopping strategy to get the best deal (don’t forget we are open this week!). We did a little remodeling at our house this year, so I am in the midst of finishing painting and dusting off construction dust in addition to all the other “normal” preparations of hosting. So, if I could give you just one word of advice, it would be to “give grace” to those who are hosting your gathering.

Not just to the hostess, but to all those you come in contact with. Everyone around you is fighting their own special battles. Some are just stressed over construction dust, while others are mourning the loss of loved ones or dreams that didn’t happen. Some are fighting an inward battle of worthiness and others are grieving over children who have taken a wrong turn in life. Some are fighting for their health, and some are waiting a doctor’s diagnosis.

One year I visited a client/friend in the hospital while she was receiving chemo. I don’t even remember what time of year it was. But I do remember the one prevailing thought I had as I walked down the halls of the hospital–“There is always someone out there who is struggling more than I am–Always” Ever since then, I’ve been trying to live a life of gratefulness, not for what I have, but for what I DON’T have-many of the struggles others are going through.

So, during this holiday season, try to extend your inward gratefulness a little farther than the Thanksgiving table, and share a hug, just because.







P. S. Our shop is open this week, and we would love to hear what you are grateful for!