July 26 -28 Open House

It will be here before you know it- our annual Warehouse Sale!  We often get asked, “Where’s your warehouse?” So, today, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this annual sale.

First, our “warehouse” is actually a space inside Debbie’s husband’s barn.
“His” barn is the first red building you will see as you drive back to our shop. It’s got a “man-sized” garage door, and a “kid-sized” window on the side. (In contrast to “Her” barn which has big windows and French doors for the entrance.) Inside his barn is where all the sale merchandise has been moved, just waiting for you to find the bargains.
Next, you may ask, “What kind of bargains?” Well, everything will be 50% off of it’s lowest marked price. So, yes, if it was discounted before it got to the warehouse, it’s discounted again. The types of items that are there fall into several categories. Often, when an item sells until there is just one or two left, it is hard for us to make a good display of, so it goes to the sale. (This is the biggest majority of items and the clothing) Then, there’s often pairs of things that have lost their mates, or the mate came in broken. There’s seasonal items that have passed their prime. There’s unfinished projects that Debbie and I have lost our interest in. There’s basic elements of decor that we haven’t developed into a unique creation yet. There’s decor that came in off schedule, which we had to store for awhile, but never remembered to get it out. (oops) And, of course, there’s things we brought in that no one seemed to like as much as we thought they would.
You also might be asking, how should I prepare for this sale? Well, dress cool, the warehouse will be warm. Expect the first few hours to be busy, but don’t expect to miss out if you can’t get there on Thursday. Often, what happens is that as things sell, more is brought out to where it can be seen. (Things tend to be piled on top of each other at first and not displayed well or the crowd blocked the views) The most important thing, though, is to come with an open mind and some patience to look. You might find a Christmas gift for someone at a really great price!  And, yes, we accept credit cards. Do note though, all sales are final.
Whew! That was a lot of information, I know. Just one final thing, though. YES, “Her” shop will be open as well. Just walk a few steps over and see all the great displays of decor, florals, and clothing that we have recently brought in!
Stay cool, and we hope to see you July 26-28!