July Warehouse Sale
July 26th 8-5
July 27th 8-5
July 28th 8-3

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I recently spent 4 hours steaming 66 pieces of the new clothing that have recently come in since our market trip. I actually timed myself this time because I am curious as to how much time I put into my clothing side of the business. Time is one of the only things in life you can’t get more of. When you ponder that for awhile, it sure puts some of our “leisure” activities in a different perspective. So, I’m trying this year to be more focused on the tasks at hand, while cutting out some of those things that won’t matter in a few years. When the work that I do behind the scenes (like steaming out wrinkles) helps to put smiles on your faces or confidence in your heart, then I know my time was well spent.

I guess this is my motivation for continuing to increase my selection of clothing for you ladies. And, you curvy girls that thank me for carrying your size, always brighten my day! (But you have to understand that I have NO motivation to model them for you every time, so today you’re just getting them modeled on a mannequin) 😉

Here are a few of the new looks that will be available in the shop this month. These will be in the well air-conditioned side of the shop, (not the warehouse) so be sure you hop over to that building after you look over the bargains in the warehouse. (There might even be a few of the Fall preview pieces that are arriving now. That is, if I get those steamed)