Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home


Our March open house is finally here and we are ready. The shop is stuffed full of lots and lots of great items.
And just to get the spring off to a good start, how about if I teach you some design tricks for some of your DIY florals?  Follow these simple design secrets and you can’t go wrong!
First of all start with quality stems. By that I mean, do these look real or do they look just “kinda ok”? Believe me if you go the “kinda ok” route, if you have discriminating taste, you will regret it every time you look at the arrangement. So choose the best stems you can afford.
Check the wire in the stems and make sure that it bends beautifully. Check to make sure that the colors you choose blend together well.
Now observe whether the stems you have picked have a good amount of foilage on it.  This design is going to be for a narrow mouth vase. So start with the foilage. Fluff it out;maybe add a stem of berries like you see in the picture. Then add just a little bit more interest by adding some texture as in the white look blooms on the pick you see in the picture.
Take the next step by fluffing the three together and do just a preliminary design. Then get a zip-tie and cinch the three items together. Add something around the zip-tie to make it more pleasing to the eye. That could be something like raffia, a ribbon, maybe some burlap. Just let your mind run wild with the possibilities.

Add the stems to a “drop dead gorgeous” vase. Or maybe just a vase you find really interesting.

Now re-work the design in the vase that you created before you put it in a vase. Remember a vase with a small opening is what you need for this design. Any wider of a vase at the top where you insert the floral bunch, you’ll be sure to need a lot more flowers.
There you have it! A design you’ll be proud of.
You can be sure that when you come to the shop we are there to help you put your designs together. We will not talk you into anything you don’t need, but we will encourage you to purchase items that will give you a gorgeous piece.
I’m excited to see you and to help you get the house that has the “wow” factor you’ll want.
Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home