Debbie Futhey - Floral designer at Memories of Home

Yes, this has has been as cold as it usually gets here in the middle of the United States. Still I can’t help but believe that Spring is just around the corner. And, boy am I happy. I usually like Winter, but this year has made me a little less fond of those long evenings by the fireplace and more time to snuggle. I’m ready to see all of my guests at our open house events here in the barn. And as usual, the excitement I have for the spring events just keeps getting bigger and better.

I have a bad habit. Just like my youngest daughter who likes to bring home rescued dogs, I like to rescue furniture. I just finished the bench that I had stored in my garage. It seems that the garage has become a place for abused and unwanted furniture. But, I saw the potential in this piece from the get-go. It just had a few issues that I knew my superman husband could fix in an instant. (Well, maybe not an instant when he had to remake the whole seat.) He just loves me for that 😉
This project was a lot more work than I expected. But my husband came up with a plan and I know it is more stable than the actual piece that I had purchased originally. And, as I told him, just look at the experience he is getting in building furniture. 🙂  Thank goodness, he is such a great husband or I am sure that I would be sleeping in the garage with all the unwanted and abused furniture I bring home.
This bench would be great in an entry, but would also, be wonderful as extra seating in a dining room or other living space. I can’t wait to see how the new owner (whoever that may be) is going to use it.
But, on my end, I didn’t just want to have the normal plain canvas that a lot of these types of benches have. I wanted it to have some character, but to basically go with anything. So, this is what I used. This window pane fabric was just what I wanted. It added enough charm, but basically I could pair just about anything with it and it would look great. So here come the seasonal pillows. Hello spring, summer, autumn, and winter. And of course, as you all know, I love all the seasons.
And speaking of Spring—-It’s almost here– Our spring event in my barn! Please mark you calendars for March 26 – 30. Don’t forget to bring your rewards cards when you come. We can’t wait to see what you’ll find.
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