Spring in the Barn

 Tuesday   April 17       10-6

 Wednesday  April 18       10-6

 Thursday  April 19       10-6

 Friday    April 20       10-5

 Saturday  April 21       10-3

Wow, I just want to hug you all! We had such a great March event. I was especially encouraged by all your generous compliments on my clothing selections. I am so very grateful to those of you who have made me your preferred place to enhance your wardrobe!

While it may seem like an easy task to just pick out styles that are “cute”, there really is a lot of mental and physical work that goes into my selections for you. (You can ask my daughter and nephew who spent many hours helping me with the physical tasks of unpacking, tagging, hanging, and steaming each individual piece.) So, I just want to again say, Thanks, for your encouragement. You are worth the effort!

And, of course, I have new items for you to love during this next event, starting on Tuesday, the 17th, through Saturday, the 21st. From a casual day out shopping, to a summer wedding, I think you will find plenty of options to love in my little boutique.

See you soon!