Hello Everyone!

Debbie and I are stepping up our game and we value your help. We have both decided to use Facebook to promote our services. Please keep reading even if you do not have a Facebook account 😉 We both have pages now and they are public pages which means anyone can view them, even if they are not Facebook members. I am going to include the two links that will take you straight to each of our pages. The content will be different on each page, although we might both mention the same events from time to time. (We are mother & daughter, and business partners, after all. So it only stands to reason that we will promote the same things!)

Here’s a tip if you ARE NOT a Facebook user! Just click on the links in this email. It will take you to our Facebook pages. You can read everything that’s there, but at some point a box will pop-up and ask you to either join or sign in. You don’t have to do either one. Just click on the NOT NOW option, or click the X at the top right corner of that pop-up box and you will be allowed to continue reading.

If you ARE a Facebook user, please like, share, and comment on our pages. We love to get your feedback and also want to make it easier for you to share our shop and custom services with your friends.

So here the two links for you for Memories of Home AND The Added Touch Or if you prefer to search for us on your own, search Facebook for: Memories of Home and/or The Added Touch, LLC.

One last thing, just to wet your whistle – Here is a quick peek at a “before” picture. You can view the “after” on my Facebook page. I would love to know what you think!