Well, we are back from market, and have already started unpacking the really great merchandise we found for you. Soon, we will be sending you pictures of these wonderful treasures. But first, here’s just a brief view of some of the great displays that I am always in awe over.

It’s Christmas time when we go in January. Yes, you all just cleaned up and put away your holiday decor. We have to stay in that season’s mindset, though, as we order items for Christmas 2018. This displays really help us keep in the zone. Aren’t they amazing?







We’ll share more later, but just wanted you to know that we worked hard and had a good time. I’ll will tell you, though, that I am pretty anxious for spring! Can’t wait to show you the soft colors and cheerful decor that we are putting in the shop right now! Mark your calendars for our first Spring Open House, March 27-31.